Municipal elections in the Republic of Kosovo will be held on 15 November

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, has set the November 15 as a date for municipal elections in the Republic of Kosovo. “Pursuant to the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo and Art. 4, items 1, 2 and 3 of the Law on Local Elections in the Republic of Kosovo, and further to consultations conducted with political parties registered in the Republic of Kosovo, the President of the Republic of Kosovo takes the following decisions:

1. The next municipal elections in the Republic of Kosovo shall be held on November 15, 2009;

2. The Central Election Commission (CEC) is hereby advised to undertake all the necessary actions to organise and conduct the municipal elections in compliance with the present decisions and legislation in force” – the decision taken by President Sejdiu reads. 
The President’s decision on the date of municipal elections follows joint consultations with all political parties and individual meetings with political party representatives.

"I have received propositions and ideas in writing. I have received assurances of mutual commitment, especially from the CEC, to provide for successful elections. I hereby invite all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, the Serb community members in particular, to take an active part in this process” – President Sejdiu said after the decision was made.

I had consultations with representatives of CEC, CECS, other important stakeholders, international organisations in Pristina that are facilitating these processes, such as OSCE, ICO and so on, and so I have  drawn a final conclusion about the date of elections” –  President Sejdiu said.

Asked about the request of opposition parties to hold the elections in October, President Sejdiu said that all the political parties have concurred to hold these elections on the period provided by law. "It is the good will of other political parties to hold these elections in November. The tentative dates that they have proposed cover the first part of November through November 15“– President Sejdiu said.

"I respect the government and opposition alike. I don’t want to take sides. I would rather explain that it takes multiple efforts and measures to provide for successful elections “– he said.

"In order to reach this decision, I have talked with the Chairs of the CEC and CECS respectively. I have talked with representatives of OSCE, which we want to be our supportive and important partner. I have also consulted other experts who deal with democratic election processes and I believe that there will be enough time to make the best preparations, be it in technical terms or in terms of raising the awareness of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo " – President Sejdiu said, adding that, in this case, one should bear in mind the term of office of the current municipal assemblies, which only expires on January 4, next year.

President Sejdiu also referred to the participation of Serb community in these municipal elections. He said that it is important for the people to recognise that they should decide for themselves by electing their representatives in the local government.

"The time has come to make joint efforts to phase out the parallel strictures that are damaging the overall image of our country and the interests of our people” – President Sejdiu said.

“I met some major Serb political party representatives and they have all expressed their unreserved willingness to participate in these elections " – President Sejdiu affirmed.