Members of 2 July 1990 Assembly are part of Kosovo’s resistance and its formation as a state

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, received today members of Kosovo’s Assembly who have announced the Constitutional Declaration on July 2, 1990.

President Sejdiu considered that the July 2, 1990 is a special day in the new history of Kosovo and expressed his respect of Republic of Kosovo’s Assembly, which adopted the country’s Constitutional Declaration on July 2, 1990.

“It was a major turning point that occurred in most precarious circumstances. A moment of reaction that came from the highest representative institution of our country – which could not but react against the risk of annihilation that was being framed against Kosovo – and an expression of the political will of its citizens. This was followed by the the referendum of 1991, the decision on a special resolution to confirm the existence of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country and as a Republic and many other decisions were not easy to take, even abroad” - the President noted.

In addition to this, President Sejdiu said that he retains his respect of all those living and dead who were a part of and contributed to the resistance and the successful journey of Kosovo towards its becoming an independent state.

On the other hand, having thanked President Sejdiu for the reception, the chairmen of the then Kosovo’s Assembly legislature, Iljaz Ramajli, said that, with today’s invitation, President has evoked memories of a part of our newest history that determined our legal and constitutional commitment to a sovereign and an independent Kosovo.

He also thanked President Sejdiu for having pledged to engage in regulating the status of these members of the then Assembly and praised President Sejdiu’s commitment to the gradual execution of decisions made by the historic President of Kosovo, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, which also involve awards to  be conferred upon these former assembly members.

Asked about elections in the Republic of Kosovo, President Sejdiu said that elections in Albania are an important step in developing democracy there.

“It is never about which political party will win, because this is up to constituents to decide, and I believe that they are in the right track to decide who is going to win the next mandate” – President said.