Kadare: Kosovo is moving forward, the Albanian nation is moving forward

President Sejdiu met the renowned writer Ismail Kadare with whom he discussed about important developments that took place, are taking place and should take place in Kosovo.

“I am grateful to Mr. Kadare for his strong support and the regular messages that he conveys at the right time and which are conducive to a further progress in our country as well as for the role that he is playing as a unique personality, missionary and a good ambassador of the Albanian identity in Europe. He is a man whose fame has reached the four corners of our globe and I want to thank him again for the unique and valuable messages that he conveys” – President Sejdiu affirmed.

On the other hand, the Ismail Kadare said that this was the first time that he has met and found a common understanding with President Sejdiu.

“This is not the first time that we have shared the same opinions about fundamental issues for Kosovo, which are also fundamental issues for the Albanian nation too. Every time I stepped into this office, I had the pleasure to see people working for Kosovo and for its interests, who are defending these interests, though it is not always easy to defend the legitimate interests of a people” – the writer Ismail Kadare said adding that “There is a prejudice that defending your people’s interests is an easy thing to do, but sometimes to defend the right is extremely difficult, as much as it is easy for other countries to defend the wrong, the delusion. Unfortunately, this is happening and we cannot change the way of the world, but one thing is true: Kosovo is moving forward, the Albanian nation is moving forward. Time is on our side. When time is on a people’s side, not everybody finds it easy to comprehend that time is on their side. They even delude themselves into thinking that the time is not on their side, or the other way round. Peoples or countries on whose side time is not do believe in the opposite and this is the case every so often with some other countries. It is my pleasure to reiterate that time is on Kosovo’s and Albanians’ side”.

Asked about Albania’s coming closer to Kosovo, especially now that the construction of Durrës-Kukës highway is being completed, President Sejdiu said that this will have a substantial impact on the multilevel cooperation between our countries.

“I would only like to add that a bright era is ahead of us and I hope it will have its significance in terms of a multilevel cooperation and our further engagements in fostering and revealing our identity. I also hope that we will be able to absorb and share common European values and to promote, on the other hand, the true values that we have as a people” – President Sejdiu emphasised.

Further on, responding to journalists’ interest in President’s visit to Macedonia and some media reports alleging that the visit will not have an official character, President Sejdiu said: “I have received the invitation for an official visit to Macedonia and, I repeat, for an official visit with all the qualities that an official visit should have. Both countries’ protocols are working in this direction and I want to believe that the visit shall take place with such qualities. Any other potential approach that somebody may think of is absolutely incommensurate with our objectives. I have said before and I reiterate that we are ready for and engaged in providing for good interstate relations with the Republic of Macedonia and other countries of the region and these relations are being built and fostered in terms of a mutual contribution and understanding. Kosovo’s and Macedonia’s state protocols are maintaining direct communications and I have received the invitation as an official invitation. My position is clear. Any change in the nature of this invitation would make me reconsider my own position regarding it”.