The President of the Republic of Albania and the President of the Republic of Kosovo,

Guided by European principles and values,

Standing close to the common goal of consolidating freedom, peace, stability and prosperity in both states and the region where they are part of,

Convinced in the best representation of the strategic interest of the citizens of both states for integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic families,

With the belief that “enlargement policy” and of “open doors” for the region remain catalysts of security, democracy, and development,

Agreed to:

Support the renewal of the governments’ efforts of the two respective states in the development of democracy, rule of law, market economy and social cohesion with a common goal of achieving European standards as soon as possible;

Reconfirm the mutual will for the growth and deepening of fraternal and strategic cooperation with international partners as well;

Express gratitude to friend countries and strategic partners for the unsparing and extraordinary support they have provided over the years, a support that remains indispensable for the future as well;

Welcome the re-engagement of the European Union in the Western Balkans through the Berlin Process, whose mission we see in Delors' light of “Competition that stimulates, cooperation that strengthens, and solidarity that unites”;

Reconfirm the sincere willingness to open and effective cooperation with all countries of the region, to the benefit of the citizens and the integration processes;

Express solidarity towards challenges faced by friend countries and our strategic partners and pledge to give the contribution of the two respective countries in dealing with these challenges;

Strongly reject any other alternative that conflicts with strategic projects of European and Euro-Atlantic integrations and promote coordinated action, focusing on:

1.  The symmetric acceleration of the integration processes of all countries in the region, wishing to join the EU and NATO; since integration into the EU and NATO remain deeply political processes, with tremendous impact on the completion of peace processes in the region;

2.  Drafting a strategic document for Kosovo’s full membership in the EU and NATO;

3.   The fastest possible visa liberalization between the European Union and Kosovo, Kosovo’s commitment to make every effort to resolve in good faith and mutual understanding the issues related to the border marking agreement with its neighbor Montenegro;

4.  The continuation of the final phase of the dialogue on the normalization of relations between the state of Kosovo and that of Serbia, inviting a renewed EU engagement and direct participation of the USA, with a view to final recognition of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state by Serbia, as a process that will have positive effects for the entire region.