General Sulejman Selimi hands over the KSF uniform to President Sejdiu

The Commander of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), General Lieutenant Sulejman Selimi, handed over today the KSF uniform to Dr. Fatmir Sejdiut, President of Republic of Kosovo and Supreme Commander of Kosovo Security Force.

“Like in the past, I will, today and tomorrow, provide the best and necessary cooperation in order to ensure the development of the Kosovo Security Force. I will provide for its growth, so as to make sure that it develops according to highest standards, I will support it in its journey that is being monitored by NATO instructors and I will help it face challenges lying ahead of it, build its capacities and accomplish the mission it was tasked with by the Constitution” – President Sejdiu stated on the occasion.

President Sejdiu thanked General Selimi and his team for their continuous engagement in building KSF capacities. “I do really appreciate General Selimi’s personal engagement and the excellent work that his team of superiors are doing. He has come today to update me on developments during the year and we will certainly have other joint activities” – President Sejdiu pointed out.

He said it was his pleasure to meet the entire KSF staff in command over a dinner that he had hosted three days ago, to talk to them and to thank them for the great work that they are doing.

On the other hand, General Lieutenant Sulejman Selimi said that now that end-of-year holidays were approaching, he had come to hand over the KSF uniform to President Sejdiu and to submit him the progress report for this year.

“I have come here to inform the President about the tasks that we have carried out, difficulties that we have come across, progress that we have made during this year and challenges that lie ahead of Kosovo Security Force in its road to accomplishing its mission and to becoming an operational force” – Selimi said, to conclude that he had also brought the KSF uniform and a comprehensive report on activities carried out during this year to the President.