President Jahjaga received President Ivo Josipovic

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga, received today the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic, who is currently visiting Kosovo on an official visit upon an invitation by President Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga and President Josipovic initially marched by the Guard of Honour of the Kosovo Security Force, and then held a head to head meeting, to continue later with meeting of two state delegations, headed by both Presidents. President Jahjaga and President Josipovic discussed a number of issues of importance for both countries, including the bilateral relations, cooperation between the two countries and possibilities for the expansion and intensification of this cooperation and regional cooperation.

After the meeting, President Jahjaga and President Josipovic held a press conference.

Following are the statements issued at the press conference:
President Jahjaga:
With the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic, we had a pleasant and fruitful discussion on the advancement of the relations between our two countries and on regional and global cooperation.
I thanked President of the Republic of Croatia, for his return visit to Republic of Kosovo upon my invitation, as a continuation of our mutual visits and our direct communication.

Once again I expressed my personal heartfelt congratulations and the congratulations of the people of Kosovo upon membership of Croatia in European Union, considering this to be a great achievement for the Croatian state and its people, but also considering it as a success of the region as well, due to the fact that the policy of the Republic of Croatia is based upon the dedication that the whole of the western Balkans region integrates into European Union as quickly as possible and the fact that the President of the Republic of Croatia has offered all the capacities of his state towards provision of the help for the countries of the region in order for them to accomplish as soon as possible the required membership criteria.

Relations between our two states are good neighbourly relations, as the state of Croatia has always had a clear standing in relation to the independence of Kosovo and has influenced other countries to understand and welcome this reality.
We spoke with President Josipovic about concrete advancement of our relations in all relevant fields, with particular interest in development of economic relations and exchange of trade, as well as cultural and educational cooperation.
I asked President Josipovic for Croatia’s backing and support for Kosovo’s membership in all regional bodies and initiatives, considering that in this manner Kosovo will be able to maximally provide its contribution as an equal international subject in maintenance of the peace and stability and bilateral and multilateral cooperation which will encourage communication and improve the lives of the citizens, as well as contribute in the fighting of corruption, organised crime and terrorism.

I expressed once again to President Josipovic our dedication to enable the Croatian community living in Kosovo become a constitutionally recognised category, with a guaranteed seat at the Parliament of Kosovo, for their national representation.

Once again, I would like to wish a warm welcome to the President of Republic of Croatia, Mr. Josipovic to Kosovo, and to express my gratitude for the just and principled policy which Croatia has followed and continues to follow, not only in its relations with Kosovo, but as a  general policy towards the region. We are jointly working towards the intensification of the bilateral and regional cooperation and we are making use of Croatia’s good experience and its role, in order for the countries of the region aspiring EU membership to build proper relations with each other and ease the free movement of goods and people by establishing a zone of cooperation and understanding.
President Josipovic, the floor is yours...
President Josipovic:
Madam President of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honourable members of the delegations,
I have the honour to be here today, in the Republic of Kosovo. Last time I was here was 35 years ago. Today, I see a great progress and advancement of the Republic of Kosovo.

The position of the Republic of Croatia is that all countries of the region very quickly become members of the European Union. We are here to offer our help, both political and technical.
Relations between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Croatia are very good, but it is our desire that our relations in the field of economy become better, as well as those in the field of education.
As far as the relations between the countries of the region are concerned, republic of Croatia believes that ethnic minorities are a crucial factor. Croatian minority in Kosovo and Kosovar minority in Croatia are of great importance and can serve as connecting bridges between the two states. I also want to state today that the Albanians of Kosovo have provided a great contribution during the war in Croatia as there are Kosovar Albanians serving at the senior posts of Republic of Croatia.
Republic of Croatia supports the negotiations between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia. Discussions held until now have been successful and at the end they must result with full normalisation of relations between the two countries. In the future, relations between the two states will be good neighbourly relations.

In these last years, Kosovo has made quite considerable advances. This is a result of a good policy and I hope that Kosovo in the future will enjoy a greater prosperity and become member country of the European Union.
Thank you for your hospitality.