President Jahjaga received by the King of Malaysia, Abdul Halim

President of the republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, was received today at the Royal palace in Kuala Lumpur by the King of Malaysia, Abdul Halim.

President Jahjaga thanked King Abdul Halim for the decision taken by the Government of his country on recognition of the independence of Kosovo, after the declaration of independence in 2008, emphasized the importance of the international consolidation of its statehood and the increase of the number of new recognitions.

President Jahjaga also stated that the help which can be provided by Malaysia on this issue, in South-Eastern Asia, is of particular interest for Kosovo, especially on support for Kosovo’s membership in international organisations, UN and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Madam President also added that Kosovo is a joint success of the people of Kosovo and its institutions, as well as of international community, who helped Kosovo in all state building processes.

President Jahjaga stated that Kosovo and the western Balkan’s region have undertaken important steps forward, particularly in the field of economic development. She said that Kosovo has improved its infrastructure and the recent agreements reached in Brussels on the dialogue process between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, with the EU facilitation and US support, have opened the way towards European integrations.

Madam President also stated that Kosovo is an attractive country for foreign investments, with a regulated legislative infrastructure and which offers grand opportunities in the field of agriculture and energy.
King of Malaysia, Abdul Halim, during his talk with President Jahjaga, showed his interest in latest developments in Kosovo, processes through which Kosovo is going through and for the developmental capacities of the Republic of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga is visiting Malaysia, where she is attending the Global Women’s Summit. Today she held the key-note speech at the opening of the Ministerial panel on the economic empowerment of women and the importance of public-private partnership. President Jahjaga will also deliver a key note speech at the official opening of the Global Women’s Summit and will be meeting with Malaysian state leaders.