President Jahjaga returns from her visit to New York

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga returned from her official visit to New York.

During the proceedings of the annual session of the UN General Assembly, President Jahjaga participated at the traditional reception organised by the US President Mr. Barak Obama, in company of other Presidents, Prime –Ministers and Foreign Ministers from many countries of the world.

During her stay in New York, President Jahjaga met with the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon and had bilateral talks with Presidents of Austria, Bulgaria and Estonia and met with many other world leaders at various receptions organised during the General Assembly proceedings.

President Jahjaga also participated at the “Clinton Global Initiative” Conference, organised by former US President, Mr. Bill Clinton, conference that gathers various personalities from around the world to discuss global issues. Madam President , during her stay in New York , attended the “Equal Futures Partnership” Initiative ,  organised by Us Secretary of State , Hillary Clinton, a joint initiative of United States and 12 international partners, on political and economic empowerment of women.

President Jahjaga held a speech at the Barnard College of the University of Columbia on the subject of inclusion of women in the public services and was a panel member together with the Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra, Congresswoman Jane Hartman, Special Representative of the US Secretary of State to Muslim Communities, Farah Pandith and Special representative of the UN Secretary General on violence against children, Maria Santos Pais.

During the first days of her visit to New York, President Jahjaga also participated at the ceremony marking the 16th anniversary of the National Albanian-American Council (NAAC) and held a speech for the occasion.