President Jahjaga met the Foreign Minister of Germnay, Guido Westerwelle

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madame Atifete Jahjaga, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Mr. Guido Westerwelle with whom she discussed about the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, the developments in the three northern municipalities and the general political situation in the country.

President Jahjaga said that the Kosovo institutions see the technical dialogue with Serbia as the only way to normalize relations between the two neighboring states. She said that through dialogue a number of agreements that address the concerns of citizens of both countries are reached and demanded that they be implemented in its entirety, respecting the best European practices.

President Jahjaga said that the process of dialogue benefits with the guarantee of the implementation of the reached agreements by the European Union.

She said that it is important to continue the dialogue while respecting the representation of the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state, in all reached agreements.

President Jahjaga emphasized the commitment of the institutions of Kosovo to perform their obligations towards the Ahtisaari Plan in partnership with the international community, in order to successfully conclude the phase of the international supervision of Kosovo’s independence.

Minister Westerwelle expressed the support of Germany for the Republic of Kosovo in its further consolidation in the international scene, its European agenda and the continuation of the technical.

He encouraged the coordination and cooperation of the representatives and leaders of Kosovo with the international community in advancing the democratic processes and ensuring full freedom of movement of people and goods, as a European value.