President Atifete Jahjaga took part in the launch of the “Kosovo Program against Domestic Violence”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga took part today in the launch of the “Kosovo Program against Domestic Violence”, which is being held to mark the 25th of November - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

On this occasion, President Jahjaga delivered a speech, which is brought below:

Honored representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honored participants,

Today we are at a key moment of the construction and strengthening of our state. The steady and stable state building will be achieved only with the full participation of all the citizens of Kosovo.

We are uncompromised in our insistence to create a democratic and responsive state to every citizen regardless of ethnicity, gender or social status.

Correct treatment and respect of their constitutional and legal rights should be allowed to our citizens. We must strengthen the justice system in order to make sure that everyone is offered equal opportunities to the full realization of their individual and social potential.

The freedoms and rights of women, their full equality in every aspect and their participation in the institutional life and decision making, are fundamental principles on which our society rests. By aspiring full gender equality we invest in a prosperous future.

Today’s society faces relapse from the past that hinder our development as an equal and healthy society.

Violence against women, as a phenomenon which we unfortunately still face, is a violation of the fundamental rights. The fight against this phenomenon requires general awareness and comprehensive approach to make it unacceptable and intolerable in society.

Violence against women continues to be the cause of unequal and unfair treatment of the woman in our society.

Violence in whatever form, exercised in the privacy of the family or the public sphere, destroys lives and shakes the healthy family tree. It is an obstacle to the dignified development of life and the realization of the full potential and of the contribution of half of the population in social and cultural development.

These kinds of initiatives like this one today to make the society aware about this ugly phenomenon are intended to indicate our individual, professional and institutional willingness to prevent and combat violence against women. The launching of the Program against Domestic Violence as well as the Action Plan 2011-2014, proves this readiness with concrete actions.

The cooperation between the institutions and civil society during these 12 years in combating and preventing violence is an important experience on which we will continue our common fight against any kind of violence in society.

This should also be the motivation of all of us to build a state of equal opportunities, where no one will be above the law.

Honored participants,

With cooperation and coordination in the institutions, we are showing our steadfast willingness to create a society where everyone will be treated with care, respect and tolerance.

As the President of the country, I will strongly insist on the eradication of any form of violence. I ensure you that you will have my support for a Kosovo which has the respecting and implementing of human rights a priority, as a value on which our society is built.

I wish you a constructive discussion and productive work.

Thank you!